RSG Receives ANAC Approval for the Airbus AS365 Series Helicopter


Fort Worth, TX, May 20, 2015- RSG Products, Inc., a Rotorcraft Services Group company has received approval from Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), of its high performance air conditioning system for the Airbus AS365 series helicopter. The 38,000 BTU high capacity vapor cycle air-conditioning system is FAA STC/PMA approved for the Airbus Helicopters models SA-365N, SA-365N1, AS-365N2 and AS-365N3 to include the “e” designation.

“We pursued the ANAC certification at the request of our growing customer base in Brazil and we’re extremely happy to announce this approval,” said RSG Products’ Director of Operations, Shannon Weidler. “With this endorsement, RSG can immediately offer our Brazilian customers a high powered solution for their climate control needs.”

RSG Products is the holder of an FAA PMA authority that designs, manufactures and distributes air conditioning and video camera systems for various helicopter models, as well as Garmin G500H Installation kits. Specialty kitting and PMA approval on STC kits can be obtained through our facility along with our extensive list of capabilities through in-house processes and our expansive approved vendor network. RSG Products’ ability to report on Key Performance Indicators help us control on time deliveries and stock the necessary components for great customer support.