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Rotorcraft Services Group prides itself on “Top-of-the-industry” customer service. We constantly strive to improve our continued commitment to quality of our products and services offered to our valuable customers.

RSG regularly surveys its customers for specific quality issues and feedback to identify areas needed for improvement of quality and performance, lowering maintenance requirements, and reducing warranty costs. We believe these traits are essential to deliver the best possible customer experience and to maintain our position as the helicopter industry’s leader in quality technical services.

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RSG Products provides unique product integration and service solutions designed to satisfy our customers’ requirements by continuously improving the Quality Management System and focusing on customer satisfaction.

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In the meantime if you require technical assistance for your Air Conditioning System or Video system please contact us at:

Toll Free: 1-888-545-8371

Phone: (817) 624-6600

Mike Diekman: (518) 480-9136