Shelving Options

01E06310004-01Shelving options come standard with the EC130 T2 and B4 HD Video System but are available for purchase as separate kits. RSG Products also offers other STC’d shelf configurations to accommodate your avionics, special equipment and storage needs for AS350 model helicopters.

Shelving Options:

Part Number Description
K00-00641-02 350– Bracket Kit, LH Option (SR09575RC)
K00-00641-03 350– Bracket Kit, RH Option (SR09575RC)
K00-00641-01 130– Bracket Kit (SR09575RC)
EC130B4-23-06 Shelf Installation (B4 Pre-modification 073537) (SR00115DE)
EC130B4-24-06 Shelf Installation (B4 Post-modification 073537) (SR00115DE)
EC130T2-25-05 Shelf Installation T2 (SR00115DE)

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