Military/Law Enforcement


RSG understands each Mission is unique, and we are uniquely qualified to meet your needs. We are able to satisfy all your requirements for a special mission helicopter through our various Concept-to-Completion capabilities which allow us to design, certify, manufacture, and install any equipment necessary to complete your mission.

RSG has been providing modification, retrofit, completion services and component overhaul to Military and Law Enforcement agencies for over 38 years.

Products Include:

  • Black Hawk Reconfiguration
  • Dipping Sonar
  • Gun Mounts
  • Stacking Litter Systems
  • Harness Assemblies
  • Fast Rope Insertion Systems
  • Hoist Mounts
  • Gimbal Mounts
  • Auto Pilot Systems
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Instrument Panels
  • Missile Protection Installations
  • Counter Measure Systems

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